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By protecting and improving our environment, the communities where we do business and the students we serve, Sodexo makes every day a better day and every tomorrow a better tomorrow.

iCommit to a Better Tomorrow

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End of Semester: Munch Money and Meal Plans

All current active Munch Money and Meal Plans will be cleared out of the system on May 20, 2016. Munch Money and Meal Plans will be available for purchase again on June 1, 2016 if you would like to purchase for the summer or the upcoming 2016-2017 school year.

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You can now add Munch Money, buy a commuter plan, and order gifts for students online. Click here for details.


Your dining experience is more than great food. It is a community experience centered on culinary expertise, fresh ingredients, healthy options and a shared sense of environmental and social responsibility. Our team is committed to creating the best possible dining experience. Join us to experience the comfort, convenience, outstanding food and inviting atmosphere designed especially for you.

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Date: 05/24/2016
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