Come into the Dining Center office, located in the Dining Center, and ask for an application.

Residential Meal Plans can be purchased at the Office of Campus Life and Leadership or by calling 315-445-4520.  Commuter Meal Plans can be purchased by clicking here!

Contact the Office of Campus Life and Leadership within one week of the start of the Fall and Spring semesters.

To check the balance of your munch money, please click here. Once you get to the website, login using your Le Moyne username and password. You will then see the Munch Money Add On and Munch Money Given account balances.

Munch Money Given is the account that holds the Munch Money that comes with your meal plan. 

Munch Money Add On is the account that holds the Munch Money that is added on separately from purchasing a meal plan. 

**The Munch Money Given Account will always be active first. Once your Munch Money Given account is at a $0.00 balance, it will roll right over into your Add on account. **

Yes, you can add munch money at any time during the semester, but you must use it by the last day of classes because it does not carry over to the following school year. Visit the Dining Services office in the LaCasse Dining Center.

The LaCasse Dining Center menu and Dolphin Den menu are located on our website and on our Facebook page daily or by dowloading the BITE app on your phone.

Munch Money is tax-exempt and can be used on-campus at the Dining Center, Dolphin Den, Kafé Nuvo, and the C-store. Dolphin Dollars can be used at all four retail locations on campus, vending machines, the bookstore, Cams Pizza, and Dunkin Donuts, but is not tax-free.

Check the individual Dining Choices pages LaCasse Dining Center and Dolphin Den for current hours.

Trust me, you’ll know.